KATZ Dancewear

June Taylor’s School of Dance is a distributor of the Katz quality line of dance shoes, including the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus Character Shoes. The Katz company believes dancer’s aspirations should be matched by the products they wear and so their vision is to strive for perfection.

Pink Ballet Socks
$5.00 per pair*

3 ½ – 5
6 – 8 ½
9 – 12
12 ½ – 3
4 – 7

*(Minimum mail order – 12 pair)

Pink Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes
 $22.00 per pair

Sizes (UK size chart link below):
Children size 7 – Ladies size 9

R.A.D. Canvas Character Shoes
Katz character shoe
$35.00 per pair

Sizes (UK size chart link below):
Children size 7 – Ladies size 9

These shoes come in low or Cuban heel height.  English size 13 is the smallest size available in a Cuban heel

The official R.A.D. character shoe was designed and is manufactured by KATZ in England to the exact specification of the Royal Academy of Dance. This character shoe is the combination of eighteen months of rigorous testing and evaluation to provide a unique combination of style and performance.

A US:UK conversion chart from Katz can be found here.

NOTE: Always specify whether you are ordering sizes as English (U.K.) or American (U.S.). If in doubt about sizing enclose a pattern of the foot with your order.

Postage and Handling Fees*
Standard Delivery
Amount of Order
Shipping Cost
Under $50
$50.00 – $100.00
$101.00 – 249.00
$250 and over
*Teacher Discount: 10% on all orders over $200

To place an order, please contact June Taylor’s School of Dance at 503.885-0545 or office@junetaylorschoolofdance.com.