Returning student registration

If you are a returning student, please log in here to access your account before registering. This will prevent you from having to re-enter all of your contact information again.  Please double-check your information and update as necessary.

Registration for Summer Term 2017 (July 5 through July 29 – 4 weeks) beginning June 1st.

If you want a printable copy of the Summer 2017  schedule, you can find one on the printable schedules page.

Monday and Tuesday classes are pro-rated  due to the Fourth of July weekend.  Register for 8 or more classes and pay a flat rate fee of $275.  Students wishing to take advantage of this offer should contact the studio office so that we can adjust your tuition accordingly.


Important dates

  • June 1st – Registration for Summer term begins
  • June 25th – Last day of Spring term
  • June 24th and 25th – Spring Performances of Sleeping Beauty and Another Opening, Another Show
  • June 26th – July 4th – Summer Break, School closed
  • July 5th – First day of Summer term
  • July 10th-14th – Princess Camp
  • July 29th – Last day of Summer term
  • July 31st – Aug 11th – Senior Summer Dance Intensive
  • Aug 14th – 18th – Junior Summer Dance Intensive
  • Aug 14th – 18th – Children’s Summer Dance Camp


When you register online, you will receive a statement from us by email, indicating the total tuition owed. If you have stored your credit card information in our secure vault, your card will be billed automatically. You can also come into the office to pay, or call us at 503-885-0545 to provide credit card information. You could also mail in a check along with your statement. Please DO NOT email your credit card number to us – our email server is not a secure way to transmit that kind of information. Once you have registered, you can always log onto your account to check on payment status.

Our online system does not have the capability of deducting for multiple classes or early registration – submit your registration without payment and we will send you a statement with the appropriate deductions.  You can then pay by any of the methods listed above – if your credit card is stored in the vault, we will initiate the payment and you will receive a statement indicating your payment.